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I'm a designer & website developer in Hankinson, ND (near Fargo). I've been building websites and web apps for over eight years and doing design for even longer.

I combine an analytical design approach with creativity, artistry, and craftsmanship to produce effective results.

You're in luck—I'm for hire!

Powerful web applications

Whether you need a large application to run your business or a small one to manage your bottle cap collection, I can build it for you.

I'll help you determine what your application should do. Then I'll design and build an application that's a joy to use.

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I've built applications to help people:

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Memorable identity design

Your business needs a good corporate identity to present a professional and unified image that your customers will remember—for the right reasons.

People are visual creatures. We have to work to remember words, names, and numbers; but we remember how things appear almost effortlessly. We also make snap judgements based on appearance. That's why it's so important to design your identity so customers perceive you the way you want them to.

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Expressive web & print design

If you're making the effort to distribute information, isn't it worth presenting that information in a way the helps communicate your message?

Graphic design is communication—not decoration. Done right, it helps express your message. Done poorly, it obscures your message. I'll create a well-organized, readable design with every aspect—whether layouts, colors, fonts, graphics, photos, or textures—helping express the message you want to communicate.

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Beautiful art & illustration

From photos to illustrations, good art can communicate ideas that can't be put into words. Art can grab someone's attention. It can convey a mood. It can express abstract thoughts.

I’m proficient in a wide range of media—both traditional and digital such as:

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